Listen and repeat

a net-audio-art project.

Welcome to Listen and repeat's webpage. If you are here, then you probably received an invitation to come here to know more about the project and record your contribution (using the quick and simple browser-based audio recorder below!).

[Or you are here for some other reason! - This page is here merely for historical purposes; read along to understand what "Listen & Repeat" is and, further down, to listen (and repeat) to the results of the project.]

The aim of this project is the collaborative production of a sound recording to be featured in a radio, which will broadcast throughout the duration of an upcoming contemporary art exhibition and via the internet (all the pieces produced for the radio will also be featured on a CD that will accompany the exhibition's catalog).

People from all over the world are invited to participate. Participation is extremely simple and consists in recording one's voice saying, in one's native language, the name of a well-known contemporary visual artist (please see below for a list of artists) of the same nationality as the speaker's followed by the propostion "by" followed by the speaker's name followed by "dot com" (all translated to the speaker's language). For a more thorough explanation, please see the examples below. In short, the recording should sound almost like an invitation for the listener to visit the web URL while at the same time being almost a pronounciation example. Regarding the choice of artists names, we'd appreciate it if you choose from the list, but in case you want to pick someone else, please get in touch with us first (unless your country is not listed).

The idea is basically to explore how pronounciation of different artists' names are around the world, how they relate to a written form, and more. The recordings should sound almost didactical in their attempt to clarify the way in which the artist's name is uttered. Since to each recording a website will correspond, we will register and create each of these websites. All of these websites will look exactly the same, with just a white background and the continuous looping playback of the recording to which it corresponds.

Examples — how to make your phrase

As an example, suppose "John Doe" is a collaborator from the USA, he chooses to record his name along with that of the artist "Bruce Nauman", then his recording would sound like: "Bruce Nauman by John Doe dot com" And to host his recording the following website would be created:

As a second example, suppose "Alejandra Castillo" is from Argentina, she chooses to record her name along with that of the artist "León Ferrari", her recording would sound like: "León Ferrari por Alejandra Castillo punto com" notice how "by" and "dot" are translated to Spanish: "por" and "punto" respectively. To host her recording the following website would be created:

Make your recording

Since this page is only here for historical purposes, recording is no longer possible!... Thanks for your interest anyway.

To make things easier for you we have set up a hosted sound recording program on this website. All you need is a microphone and Java enabled (we also recommend a fast internet connection and a good modern webbrowser such as Safari or Firefox). So now it is your turn: just go to the recording page, by clicking this link or the image below.
Note: for the recording program to work properly, please click on "Trust", "Allow" or "Run" when prompted.


Please bear in mind that by making this recording you allow us to use it on the finished piece and also to include your name (and we will give credit where it is due!) on any material related to it that comes to be released.

Getting in touch with us

If you would like to pick another artist name, get in touch with us first, so that we can guarantee that your suggestion will end up on the final piece. Or if the recording program does not work for you. Or if you prefer to make your recording in some other form an then send us your file drectly. Get in touch via email:

Further information

After having contributed we will get in touch with you via the email you provide when recording your piece. From then on we will be in touch with further information on how the project progresses.

List of artists for a selection of countries

If you don't find your country on the list below it does not mean that you can't contribute, quite the contrary, we accept contributions from everywhere. We just did not have time to add all of the countries in the world (yet).

As of September 15th, 2010 the websites have gone offline (imagine the cost of keeping those 51 websites online, no we couldn't afford it). Until we can implement a better solution, you can listen to the final recordings over at the 7th Mercosul Biennial's website.